Deskman SE


Protect your computer by restricting access to its contents


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Deskman SE is a comprehensive suite of tools that make it easier for you to protect your PC from anything that other users might want to do with it.

You can use this program to hide practically any folder from other people, and even block access to certain applications whose use could potentially risk your computer's performance and stability.

Deskman SE has an attractive, functional interface with two viewing modes that enable you to protect your computer with different standard options included in the program, or select specific elements from a list to block or hide.

You can deactivate access to local hard drives, protect your system options, restrict access to all elements that don't have an icon on your desktop, and active Kiosk Mode so that no auto-starting apps will launch on your system.

Deskman SE also offers you the ability to password-protect your computer and create different user profiles to determine the level of protection for each session.

Without a doubt, this is an excellent option if you want to make sure that anyone using your computer only has access to elements previously approved by you.

30-day trial.

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